For USC 200 year anniversary & disclosure of their 40th Lustrum, was asked to create a videomapping and a film to celebrate this unique milestone. Noralie was honored to be the artdirector of this big project.

With my team we made this video mapping. Watch this aftermovie  with a short version of the show. Full video will follow soon.

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Artdirector: Noralie
3D animation: 3DJL & Epic Visuals
2D animation: Veemee & Noralie
Compositing: Veemee
Music: Maurice Lamme & Mirage Lasergroup

We also made this video to reveal the new Lustrum Characters for the next 5 years: Don Quichot & Sancho Panza

Story & Direction: Noralie
Camera: Bikkel Amsterdam
Grading: Bikkel Amsterdam
Editing: Noralie
Sounddesign: Rutger Muller

check out the website for more info about the theme:


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