Noralie or, Noortje van den Eijnde. Graduated in 2012 from “illustration design” at the art academy “St Joost” in Breda. After my internship the interrest for audiovisual arts started to grow and I profiled myself as a designer for audio and visuals instead of calling myself an illustrator. Not only image but also music is one of my biggest passions and really wanted to combine those two. While graduating I did some research to the symbiosis of image and sound in which the results are shown in the following blog

I focus on concepts for cross-over projects like; experience theatre, guerrilla advertising, performances, live cinema and art & culture events, in which image and sound play a big roll. I offer:

– Outside the box concepts
– coordination and direction for cross-over projects
– Audio visual performances like live VJ sets, Live cinema installations etc.
– Design without limits, mainly for music like: album covers, vinyl covers, music video clips, or performance design
– Lectures about image and sound



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  1. Gisteren, samen met “juf” Henriëtte, jouw show in het philips stadion gezien:Gaaf, verrassend, vindingrijk en een waar genot om naar te kijken en te luisteren.
    Compliment Noortje!

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